The Canadian Adventure Begins!

I woke up in panic. “SHIT! I never set my alarm.” I looked over at the clock. It was 6am and I had set my alarm after all. I got up and had some breakfast. Leslie joined me shortly after, not looking anymore awake than I was.
I set off for the bus at 7 with my rucksack (probably weighing more than my suitcase) and my 5kg drumstick bag.
The bus came. It was absolutely rammed and I got on, dropping everything on the floor on my way. The driver just smiled at me and then set off, launching me down the bus.
Things didn’t get much better on the T, the lights kept going out and the driver was mumbling huge amounts of information through the speakers. A tap dripped mournfully in the distance.
The silverline was even worse. Half way there the bus broke down and we had to sit for ages whilst be tried to restart it.
My suitcase was over weight at the desk by 0.6lb, but luckily he let me have it as I had only added a coat to it.

I flew to Philly and then realised that I was flying from F terminal. Just this terminal is about the size of Leeds Bradford airport and you have to get a shuttle bus to it.
At first I was sitting at the wrong gate, then I found the correct one and the lady was telling everyone that their bags were too big and that they’d need to be checked. Bollocks to that I thought, it fitted in the overhead bins of the last plane.

We finally got on the plane, 30mins late and put my bag in the overhead locker. I pushed, and pushed. This was embarrassing, it didn’t fit. I slung it on the floor and luckily it fitted under the seat. It took up a little of the woman’s floor space, but that’s fine cos she looked a moody cow anyway.

We arrived in Toronto and it was coming down like steel rods. They put the conveyor up to the steps to bring people’s checked luggage up to the tunnel. HAHAHHA! Suckers! Everyone’s luggage is going to get soaked! Plus, they all had to stand and wait for it whilst I skipped past them grinning.

Customs was twice the size of the ordeal I had at Dublin, and totally RAMMED! It took maybe 40mins to get through the queue, and my rucksack was starting to dig into my hands.
The customs officer was a complete dick and barked orders at me. I then went to immigration to get my work permit. The woman there wasn’t much better, but I got my permit pretty easily.

I collected my baggage and then just sat on the floor exhausted.

I then set off for the bus, in completely the wrong direction. I asked a woman who barely spoke English and found out that it was in fact right back where I started. The trip wasn’t wasted however, as I found out that you must have change for the bus. I got some off the car park attendants.

I got on the bus. It was the wrong one.
I got on the right bus and didn’t get a ticket.
Somehow you can travel the entire width of the city on the subway for free. I dunno how that works.
I missed the first train because I couldn’t work out where you buy tickets from and instead walked round and round in circles looking for a machine. I also missed the bus at the other end because I wasn’t sure if it was the right one.

I finally arrived at Sam’s parents house, drenched!


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  1. Welcome to Toronto! Aha, I know, the airport is ridiculous.

    “Somehow you can travel the entire width of the city on the subway for free.”

    I just have to say I have never heard of this. TTC (transit, includes all buses, streetcars, subways, and the Scarborough RT) fare is 3 dollars, and with that 3 dollars you CAN travel where ever you want in the city.
    Have fun exploring the city!

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