Sit at the tabla.

Seriously, how hard do they have to make it for me to get a phone sorted out?!?!

I’d finally decided that Virgin was the best carrier to go with, only to be told that I then need two forms of Canadian ID.How am I supposed to get that when I’m not even from this country and I don’t have a full visa?!?! I am just getting so infuriated with the whole situation. I think I may have to bite the bullet and just buy a phone from Wind so that I can go with their service, which to be fair, is probably the best deal at the moment.

I started the day by going to the Eaton Mall as most of the carriers have shops there. A young girl was holding the door open and literally hundreds of people were abusing her generosity and pouring through the door. I let her go and followed her in. The significance of this story is that I met her about 5 mins later when she stopped me to ask directions to the food court. I told her where I thought they were and then set off in the opposite direction to her. 2 minutes later and I found what she was looking for. Oops. That will teach her to ask a foreigner for directions! At least I know for next time.

I then went to Dundas square for the lunchtime concert. It was the Toronto Tabla Orchestra and a lady dancing with bells around her ankles. Their first song was pretty good and the lady’s explanation of how the dancing goes with the tabla rhythms was fascinating. Unfortunately a lot of the rest of the concert was sloppy and they weren’t really playing together. Afterwards I got kicked out of my spot by a helpful cafe server, who informed me that I was sat over a fountain and they were about to be turned back on again. ‘Afterwards’ is a real word isn’t it? Firefox inline spell check doesn’t think so.

I love Dundas Square.


I ate my butties whilst being shouted at incoherently by drunks and then I set off for the best shop in the city. The drum shop!

I bashed a few electronic kits until I found the one I liked. The store clerk was wearing shades and thought he was wicked cool. He wasn’t. He then informed me of a massive sale they are having on Friday which I am going to try and get to. The only thing is that people get there seriously early for the bargains because they are so good. It takes me about an hour to get there from the house so I may go half an hour after opening and risk it. I have my eye on a Roland TD9 kit which is about a grand used so I also need to decide if I can actually afford that. I bargained with them to store anything that I buy for a couple of weeks til I find a house, as I currently have nowhere to put it. I’m hoping to view the room at Sam’s flat tomorrow to decide if I want to move there. It’s about 200 yards from the drum shop so I could probably walk it there if needed. Perfect. I’m also going to apply for a job there, although currently none exist.

I thought it’d take me ages to get back to the house so I got the subway back. It only took 20mins, but at least I missed the majority of the heavy downpour!

One weird thing is that I’ve started to recognise people on the subway already. There was a girl on the way back that I was sat opposite on my first subway ride from the airport and another weirdly dressed woman who I recognised from somewhere else. Do the Canadians use Zs a lot? I need to learn how to spell again. I do know that it’s pronounced ‘zed.’ I like that.

This evening, Jane (my cousin), Adam and their friends Gina and Brad came round for tea and we had an awesome lasagna cooked by Sam’s mum. I did some flower stick after dinner entertainment. Yep, I just said dinner, but I have to now because literally no-one in Toronto knows what time of day ‘tea’ is.


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  1. If you spend a grand on a drumkit you won’t have enough to buy a HAMMOND!!!

    Enjoying the blog mate. Good luck with getting a job sorted. Just tell them you’re a rap superstar if you’re having trouble.

  2. We use “s,” like most British spellings. Cheque, centre, colour, practise are all right here. 🙂

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