It never rains, but it pours.

This morning was Jack’s Attic Sale and Long & McQuade. I turned up about 15 mins after opening and people were lined up round the block! It was ridiculous!

I got talking to a guy in front of me who was a music student and then his friend turned up.
I know the British like queuing, but this was actually quite fun in a way. A jester was walking up and down being quite amusing and giving out t-shirts to people who could recognise the tunes he was playing on his duck whistle.
We got within sight of the front door and a bloke came down asking people to check their bags in. This was all good until 15 mins later when it started chucking it down and my coat was in my bag. I was only wearing a T-shirt, but the staff were rushing around frantically, handing out umbrellas. I ended up sharing with one of the guys I’d met, so I just got wet anyway.
We finally got in the store, only to find that they’d sold the kit I wanted. I then went downstairs and bought a brand new version of it, in a part of the store you didn’t have to line up for. What a waste of 2 hours!!

The rain was absolutely hammering it down. We wandered around inside for a bit, but then we went out to get some food. My trousers were absolutely sopping wet and sticking to my legs. They managed to dry off in the restaurant though whilst Jane, Adam and Sam ate their Chinese.

I then said goodbye to Jane and Adam after wandering round a few more shops, and then I took a streetcar which took about 6 hours to traverse Queen St. It was raining so badly, that it was actually leaking inside the tram and dripping on people!

The evening was spent sorting out my resume and sending it to a couple of companies. I’m going to a job fair tomorrow. I hope this blasted rain stops because there’s a festival on tomorrow!


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