Your mission, if you choose to accept it…

I had my SWAP orientation this morning. I got the streetcar (tram) there and it was wicked late. Then when I got there I had to run to the SWAP office, except I didn’t really know where it was. Luckily I took the right turning and turned up fashionably late by 4 minutes!
The presentation dragged on for 2 hours, but it was full of very useful information. We all had to get out our passports and go through our work permits. SHIT! They had spelt my surname wrong!! One of the staff also noticed that it only permitted me to work in Toronto and it was supposed to be Canada wide. Here we go again…

I still needed to get a cell phone, so my next stop was my most visited spot in Toronto, the Eaton Centre. They didn’t have the phone I wanted and it had been replaced by a different one that was more expensive. I thought about it for a bit and then just thought, bollocks to it, I’ll get it anyway.
I need a job pretty fast right now, I’m spending so much money getting set up.

I chucked my cheese and ham butties down me and headed for the subway. If it wasn’t bad enough that I had to rush to the airport and back again before 6:30 to view a house, I was now greeted by a pissed off TTC worker shouting at everyone. The yellow line was out of action due to a police investigation. I needed to get to Bloor subway, but without a streetcar, the only way I knew to get there was to walk. Yonge street is the longest street in the world and I had to walk a few miles in the baking sun.
When I finally arrived at Bloor subway, there was an announcement stating that after all that, they were running shuttle buses!! The crowds for the buses were massive though.

I took the subway right out to the airport. When I arrived I asked a foreign porter where I could find immigration. He told me, “take the elevator up 3 floors, go to aisle J and then behind that at the back, there is a hidden door. It’s kind of 007 style stuff.” Was he winding me up? There was only one way to find out. The first elevator I tried didn’t go to the third floor, the next one I got in had a faulty button and refused to to there too. After going up and down a few times, I gave up and took the escalator to the 3rd floor. I had to use an intercom and go down a tiny lift to a deserted corridor with glass windows and grills for the officers to speak to you. It kind of was 007 like.

They sorted out my permit pretty easily and then I got back on the bus. 90 mins til I had to view the house, and I was stuck in gridlocked traffic. Panic set in. Luckily it freed up e eventually and I arrived in the vicinity of the house 50mins early, giving me chance to pause and write this blog.

The house was nice and I’ve expressed my interest in moving there. She’s had a ton of people already look so we shall just have to see if I get picked or not.
As in Boston, they were filming for something on the street. The film they are making about my life is going to be spectacular! Wait til you see the footage!

I then went to Spadina to meet Adam, Jane and Sam. We went for some food at Sneaky Dee’s. The place inside looks like it was a victim of the riots. EVERYTHING is covered in graffiti and the customers are invited to join in. It’s definitely very quirky. The bathrooms are even worse, there is so much scrawl it’s impossible to tell which is male and female without taking pot luck.

Definitely a place to go on a first date!
It was good though, we had lots of fun. Sam has a MASSIVE cell phone, the size of the original style ones and every time she got it out to check for messages she attracted plenty of attention from the servers.

We left and walked the streets to the hostel Jane and Adam were staying at. We talked for a while and then Sam and I got the streetcar home.



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