Not fair

I got an email first thing this morning saying that they’d given the house I looked at yesterday to someone else. I was distraught, there are so few houses around at the moment and I don’t have a plan B.

After spending ages sorting out my resume this morning, I set off for the job fair. Would have been great if I’d got the right date!

I got this photo though:


On the way back I came across some crappy tv show filming some people in the street having a race to eat some fruit pies. I stayed to watch. It was pretty awful.


I then headed on to dundas square for the small world concert. There was a really nice African style band playing.
A woman was dancing like crazy in the audience. Now I’m rather suspicious of what happened next. What I saw was, a bloke came over to dance too who was totally out of it, drink/drugs I don’t know, but he had a lanyard round his neck with keys on. The pair started dancing and the woman suddenly stopped. She’d seen the keys round his neck and was circling him looking at them. She suddenly made a grab for them and whipped them off his neck. A massive fight followed whilst security were nowhere to be seen.
Security eventually swarmed in and arrested the bloke whilst the woman walked free with the keys. Maybe they were hers and they’d gone missing earlier, but he definitely arrived at the ‘dance floor’ with the keys already round his neck.
Very odd.

I went to view a house. The landlady was wicked late turning up. It’s a PROPER nice house, but I have a feeling it’s going to be an absolute mission to get anywhere from here with no subway in sight.
I was talking to another prospective renter before she turned up, who seemed quite shy and mumbled a lot of what he was saying. He seemed quite pleasant and had got himself a job directing a film.
He then told me about a film called zeitgeist that he’d seen and said it had inspired him to want to change the world. I think that’s great that people want to put in the effort to try and make a difference. He then explained that the only way he could see to change the world, was to bring down capitalism! That’s quite a big job for a Russian born 19 year old Canadian to do on his own. Good luck to him!

I waited for the bus home, which I think I’d just missed, and as I was standing at the stop, someone was driving a remote controlled race car down the middle of the road weaving in and out of traffic!!

I then got back to the festival in the square. I spent the rest of the evening there and it was really good. I came back at 9 as I figured tomorrow is going to be a long day with the manifesto concert and juggling.
I met a smokin’ hottt girl at the street car stop and we chatted briefly before she crossed the road and got on the back of a motorbike, whilst wearing a mini skirt!

One stop along and a crazy guy got on with a small trolley piled to the brim with bottles of alcohol and a sports bag also full of bottles. He was insane and scared some little old lady off the car telling her to quit smoking.

Things may not be going well at the moment, but at least there are plenty of amusing things to help keep my chin up.


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