All the way to the bank.

This morning I went to setup a bank account. It was wicked easy and I now have my very own Canadian account. However, most, if not all, Canadian banks charge you to give them your money! It’s crazy! Also, if I use an ATM of a different bank, not only will the other bank charge me, but my own bank will charge me $1.50!!! Daylight bloody robbery!!

I’m not sure if I mentioned previously, but I bought an electronic drumkit last Friday. I looked at the receipt last night and realised that they sold me something different to what I thought I’d bought. I went back to Long and McQuade to clarify exactly what I’d bought (as they were holding it for me until I get a house) and I confirmed that in fact it was not the one I wanted. I got a refund and no longer have a drumkit 😦

I was then going to view a house near St Clair subway stop. Except it wasn’t, it’s by St Clair West! I walked the one and half mile hike to the west station in the blazing hot sun. On the way, a drunk cyclist tried to kill me by riding his bike into the curb and throwing himself across the pavement. He then got back on and set off slaloming down the road.
I found the road and started walking along it looking for the house. The buildings were all quite nice, until I got to the one I was looking for. My jaw dropped.
The inside wasn’t much better. It was an absolute dump. The settee was held together with tape and there was a cat stalking around a sink full of dirty dishes. The bathroom wasn’t any better and the bedroom had a frame, but no mattress. I felt I had to ask questions about the place since I’d made the effort to get there. The advert has said $500 a month, but it turned out that it was 500 + $30 for utilities and $30 for Internet.

I then went back to my temporary accommodation via some tat shops. Nearly got run over by a streetcar after I got marooned in the middle of two fracks whilst trying to cross the road. The street car thundered past blaring his horn.

Bit of a long trip just to get some toothpaste like.


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