Waiting for Rakim

Sunday I went to ‘The Manifesto’ hiphop festival in Dundas Sq. It was a nice setup with stalls out, a street dance demonstration area, graffiti mural and a main stage.

After a couple of hours I took the street car to Dufferin Grove Park. Some nob head had parked the sightseeing bus right in the middle of the road so no-one could get past and the street car Jude sat there for 10 mins before moving.
I found a few jugglers and more and more turned up. Most were juggling balls or clubs, but one guy had some ribbons that he hung from a tree and started climbing and doing acrobatics from. He was very brave!

A few of us then had a game of frisbee, which was rather fun, before I set off back for the festival.

I saw a few bands before the infamous Michie Mee came on. Then there was a set by the Freedom Writers which was pretty good and then another act before Rakim finally took to the stage. I’m sorry, but I lose all respect for artists who cannot get themselves on stage on time. There was PA team for about 45 mins before he came on. Even the appearance of one of the Executioners couldn’t save the boredom of waiting. Rakim uttered some bollocks about getting held up at the border, but he should have flown earlier! Everyone else managed to keep to the schedule. Despite that, his set was good and he performed a lot of the material he’s famous for.
I then took the streetcar home which was almost an express one as there were so few people on it.



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