Paper wait

Today I spent the morning at the beach, although it was a little bleak. There were loads of dogs and one of them was playing football with his ball. he’d tease his owner wanting him to throw the ball, then when he reached for the ball, the dog would knock it out of his way so he couldnt’ grab it!


I then had an appointment in the afternoon for handing out newspapers on the street by Subway stations.

The bad news is that I won’t be able to do it near where I am staying as there is already someone on that station, but I may be able to get something down town. The orientation session was pretty boring and they had a ton of forms to fill out. I have to wait for them to give me a suitable spot now.

On a side note, today I just couldn’t seem to stop sweating, I know that’s minging but like, it wasn’t all over, it was just my armpits, just like a constant stream of liquid, oozing from my pores and like serpents licking it up. I had deodorant on so it wasn’t a great problem.

I then moved on to the Eaton Centre and patrolled all three floors looking into shops to see which ones would be suitable for me to apply for jobs at. Most are girly shops, but there are a few who will be hiring for seasonal work so there is a possibility there that I might get something. I am returning there tomorrow with some resumes to hand in.

On the way home I was on the street car and I saw a guy taking a piss against a wall. He then sorted himself out and walked in through the door to the shop he had just been violating!

Now I am just mashing the keyboard writing resumes for a few companies that you can only apply to online. I want a job so i can’t start doing fun things with my spare time 😦

I love this horse mounting block in Moss Park. Who the hell owns a horse in Toronto centre!?!?!



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  1. THAT’S what those random stairs are? I wouldn’t have had any clue.

    We do have some mounted police officers…but I think they can get on their horses by themselves, lol.

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