Things always happen in threes.

This morning I set out to view a house in the Ossington area. I got there on time, but there was no-one answering the door. I rang the phone number.
Great, what do I do now?
Just then I got a call from a private number, luckily it was the owner of the house. I didn’t quite hear what she said, but something to do with, ‘you can come in’ and ‘don’t be scared of…’
I tried the door, half expecting a massive rottweiler to jump out on me. Instead, a small child poked his head through the crack in the door and then shyly let me in.
The landlady was at the top of the stairs and said “Hi! Don’t worry about the mess, this will all be fixed before you move in.” The house was being redecorated due to the previous owner smoking the ceiling into a black mess. She showed me round the kitchen and then the two rooms that were available. She kept saying how sorry she was that the upstairs room was so small, but it looked perfectly fine to me. I don’t have much stuff anyway having only brought 2 weeks worth of clothes and some juggling stuff with me. On the way around the house I saw the two rooms that were gone, understandable really. They were quite big and had massive windows letting floods of light into the rooms. The small room she showed me had a window with a beautiful view of the Savannah with hordes of wildebeests sweeping majestically across the horizon. Well it will be once I buy that poster and stick it over the plain brick wall that sits a metre away from the poky window. But then again, the days will soon get darker and then it’ll be winter so it’s probably not of great concern right now. It’s also $100 cheaper than the bigger room, and with no well paid job at the moment, that is a better option for me.

I then headed for Queen Street West and walked along the pavement (do they call them sidewalks here? As an aside, I had the bloke at Scotia bank laughing his head off yesterday when he failed to comprehend what the word ‘leaflet’ means.) looking in shop windows for places that need staff. I went into Footlocker. Bad move. I think the guy behind the counter was the manager and he started asking me loads of questions. The answer to ‘why do you want to work at Footlocker’ is not, “because I have no job and it can’t be that hard to fetch a box of shoes for a customer.” I of course did not say this, but I was scrambling around for answers, totally unprepared. He was asking how much I know about footwear, but like seriously, how much do you really need to know. A customer walks in, ‘oo I like the look of those trainers.’ I’ll get you your size sir. Go to back room, find shoes, bring them out, customer picked wrong size, take them back, get some different ones. Repeat. Eventually they go to the till and pay. Retail companies need to stop being so pretentious.
I then went to Steve’s Music. They’re not hiring 😦
I saw an ad for ‘Hero Burger,’ that’s interesting I thought, and nearly missed the crossing lights whilst I wrote the email down.

I planned on going to the free art gallery, but on the way I stopped by Sears to apply for a job. Bloody ‘ell. First I had 4 pens in my bag NONE of which worked. Then it took me about 15 days to fill the bastard form out! Also, after getting home I realised I’d repeated myself on my resume and the other 6 copies of it I’d also handed out. Oh well.

I reached Lansdowne station. God knows where the gallery is because I couldn’t find it. I was running out of time so I headed back to Ossington to view house number two of the day. It was beautiful. Except the room wasn’t in the house, it was in the basement, accessed from the rear of the property and it was kind of like I expect a modern day army trench is. Bleak with little light and a hot Japanese chick who could barely speak English.

I returned ‘home’ and emailed the owner of the first house. A bit later I got an email confirming that I could have the room and I move in Sunday!! WOWZERZ!!!!
Also, a couple of hours later, Best Buy called and I now have an interview on Sunday! I nearly didn’t get an interview because just before he told me the details, my phone cut out!
I really hope I get it. I haven’t even started my newspaper handing out job yet and I already hate it. Still, it’s some money coming in to pay for my new swish pad! I had a beer and a chocolate brownie to celebrate!

So that’s two good things, where’s my third please?

I saw this cool thing at Lansdowne (Bloor / St Clarens):


And this (Paton/Lansdowne):


And of course, this (Queen West & John):



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  1. Congrats on finding a place!
    Oh that CP24 News Truck is a classic. It’s been there for years. I’ve spent many hours starting at it in line to see whatever band at Much Music xD

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