Nuts branch.

Wowzerz, I froze my bollocks off today! I need money so I can buy a coat. But at the same time, when it’s so cold outside, why do they whack the heating up to full inside? I don’t want to have to get half naked everytime I enter a store. I’m not gay, but I might actually have to buy a scarf this year :S
I started my day at the CBC television studios. I watched some guy play a set, but he was incredibly boring. I saw samba squad and decided that maybe I don’t want to join them afterall.
My next mission, was to eat my butties without getting mobbed by about a thousand pigeons. It was pretty difficult, but not as bad hard as the trick two skateboarders were trying to die doing.

A canned laughter generating machine that uses cassettes!


Purposefully getting lost was next on the agenda, which, as usual, uncovered some great spots. I also stumbled upon a car that had been dismantled and a drumkit installed where the seats should be.

Once again I went by the Eaton Centre so that I could do a recon mission for my interview tomorrow.
As I was walking through the mall I saw a security guy with a finger in his ear. “Let’s follow him for some adventure,” I thought and proceeded along the corridor to where he met up with another security guard. Something exciting is going on in the restrooms it seemed. I decided I needed a wazz and started walking down the corridor. There was a trail of blood on the floor. Two ladies in front of me started talking about someone had got hurt. This was getting exciting! I actually chickened out for a moment and paused at the foot of the stairs. I carried on upwards following the blood, wondering what sight was going to greet me in the wazz cupboard. I opened the door to a sea of tissues. The security guard burst in behind me, brandishing an AK. “Ok, who’s has a nose bleed?”
Oh. That was boring.

I checked out Best Buy which was massive and tried to familiarise myself with some of the stuff they had on display.
I then followed the red carpet on yonge street back to the street car. There were ‘celebrities’ walking up and down, hounded by camera crews. But I didn’t recognise any of them at all.

On the way back I called into Sam’s shop to see all the Eco cool stuff. They had ‘stone’ made out of recycled paper. It was amazing stuff! It’s mixed with a resin to make it super strong.
I watched her mix some paint for a customer and then I headed back home for some grub.

Back at Yonge St, I have never seen so many people! It was like Wembley had just emptied out onto Dundas Sq. Absolute nightmare. It was the Nuit Blanche, which translated from French literally means ‘Nut branch.’ I didn’t see any nuts, or squirrels, but there was an abundance of completely shit art. I missed the best bits because I went home to bed, but apparently there was a street car jacked up on suspension like a lowrider, showing films, and a zipline/hangliding effort in one of the squares. I saw the drum-car thing again which was quite good, but not worth a lot of your time and then I stumbled upon a massive open square near king and yonge. They were playing loud atmospheric music with helicopter sound effects. Search lights mounted on the roofs of the buildings around traced around the square. It created an awesome effect of being in the middle of a police operation, until you turned round and saw the chef grilling sausages on a BBQ!
Another odd installation was a gantry the length of Victoria St which was pissing out loads of water in a fake rain tunnel and people were handed umbrellas to walk through it. Hang on? Sorry? Why do people need to pretend they are in the rain when they live in Toronto?!??!?

I rode the street car home and returned to bed. Tomorrow is my interview!


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