Rice Crispie Station

Today was my final day with the Points. I was finally moving into my new house! They have been so good to me over the past fortnight. Eva offered to drive me and my stuff to the new house.

We set off driving. On the way we drove over the notorious suicide bridge that Barenaked Ladies wrote ‘War on drugs’ about. it was interesting to finally see.
We then got to the road Eva wanted to take, but it was closed. Yep, nothing is ever simple in my life ay?
We had to go through the city, but most roads were closed due to some charity run going on.
We finally got to the house…but we couldn’t get in!!!!
The landlady then spent about 15 mins trying to wake up the other housemates to let us in. They didn’t know they’d locked it and had to get a screwdriver to get the door open.
We dumped my stuff. Eva was blown away by how nice it was.

Next stop, Dundas St for my interview. Traffic was HELL!! We ended up in some kind of infinite loop and I had to jump out and get the subway in the end.

The interview went well, and I got passed to the final interview stage.

I ate my butties and headed off to Wolfsong Studios.
‘The Wolf’ answered the door and we went down the studio. There was one other guy there, but he knew how to play so we went off jamming for a few hours. It was great fun and I got to play the drum kit that I thought I’d bought the previous week.
Afterwards I hung around for a bit and chatted and then I went home to meet my new housemates!

They were out.

Is it just me, or when the woman announces ‘Christie’ station, does she actually say ‘Crispie.’ Either way, you’ll now think about it every time she says it!

I unpacked everything and then tried to set a lock code on my phone. I successfully managed to lock it, as in permanently lock it! Bastard thing. Now I have no phone and no Internet. No heat either, I’m freezing my bollocks off. This house has no radiators but there’s some kind of Victorian ducting system that moves small amounts of air around the house. I assume this is where the heat is supposed to come from. It’s amazing how different places in the world solve the same problems in completely different ways. I mean like, it’s about time duvets were imported to Canada!

First stop tomorrow, Wind to fix my phone, second stop FOOD! I ate a shit load of honey Halloween treats that Leslie got me for tea.


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