Daddies taking us to the zoo tomorrow.

We were a picture of a perfect lifestyle this morning eating our cereal with a ladle and a fork.

Today I decided to go to the zoo. What a ****ing awful idea that was! I took the subway all the way to shepherd and then a bus that wasted about another hour and then then the driver just said, “we’re not going any further.” So I then had to take the subway all the way back to Dupont to do something different as it was already 1pm.

I arrived at Casa Loma, a fake castle on the hill. It’s all quite a sad story of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a wealthy businessman from London, England. His dad was in the stocks industry and Henry grew into it too. He was very lucky with ventures such as a buying land deeds for a large amount of Western Canada before people settled there and had many other successful punts. He was the man who brought electric street lighting to Toronto and installed all the equipment necessary to harness the power of Niaga Falls and bring power to Toronto. He was also awarded a knighthood.
Unfortunately his luck didn’t hold out and his castle was never finished. His bank went bust and a couple of his businesses didn’t work out. His wife died and he eventually had to move in with his now ex-chauffeur. He had to auction off most of possessions and the castle sat empty for years.
Henry married again hoping to find happiness, but she died too. The state ceased his house to pay off his debt.
They didn’t know what to do with it and someone suggested that they open it to the public. Luckily this worked. Henry was satisfied that this was the best thing that his house could be used for as he originally built it for people to enjoy.
Another story is that he had one of the first electric cars. He took it downtown to show off to his friends, but when he got there he realised that he did not know how to stop it. He drove round and round in circles shouting at people to put out some hay bales and he crashed into them to stop.

Afterwards I met up with Sam at Harbord and she bought me fish and chips for my birthday 🙂


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