TTC = Take The Car!!

This morning I ate cereal out of my hands.
There are no bowls and no cutlery. Hard times.

Sorted out my phone, which was relatively painless and then went and stole the wifi at the Apple Store because mine doesn’t get switched on until Thursday at home.

Food was needed as the cupboards were bare. I went to no frills as I heard it was the cheapest. I still cannot get over the price of food in Canada. $5 a box of cereal!!! Also, why is it so difficult for North America to just make a normal loaf of bread. Everything here is derived from god knows what and about half the size of bread in the UK. Obviously don’t eat enough fish butties here! My shopping cost me the astronomical sum of $21 dollars for 8 items!! I need a job bad! Incidentally, I didn’t hand out papers this morning cos the bloke at the company emailed me yesterday to say he gave someone else my spot. I think a turf war is in order!
Food bought, I then had to get all my stuff back before it thawed. I’m having fish and chips for the next 6 nights. Yum yum!
I hiked to the subway station, cursing that I don’t have a car. At Ossington, I lugged my 50kg of frozen goods onto the bus and then waited ages for a driver to be arsed coming back off his coffee break.

After about 3 stops I started to think, I don’t recognise these names, am I on the right bus? ‘Dundas St West.’
I got off and crossed the road. After waiting ages for the next bus I got on and sat near the back. I could feel the cold of the fish passing through the bag into my legs. I was proper starting to stress now that the stuff was going to thaw before I got home.
We’ll find out in the next couple of days if I get food poisoning.

My next port of call was ‘Honest Eds.’ I forgot to get a photo, but it is the most garish shop you could ever see. It has chaser lights around his name on the outside and loads of really awful jokes about Ed. The inside is just ridiculous. I bet people get lost in there for days. Everything you could ever imagine is on sale and I mean EVERYTHING!

I then left to go back to Sams parents house to pick up the pillow I had left there. My goodness! Leslie moans about the Boston T, but try going somewhere on TTC at rush hour! I expected the streetcar to be packed. What I didn’t expect was for it to take a detour and abandon me in the middle of nowhere. I then managed to find my way back to Queen street which is where I caught the next streetcar. Except it was going to kingston street. GRRRRR!
I got off that and walked a block back to Queen St and got the next streetcar.
Sam’s family had raved about Value Village, so I got off the streetcar when I saw it. Except it wasn’t value village, it was Valu Mart.

I walked the rest of the way to the house and luckily got there just in time for tea!!! My mum rang for us to discuss how we were going to get my English money to Canada, and then I had to come back home as my landlady wanted to silicone my windows.

I finally met my housemates who are lovely, plus two Russian girls who will soon be our new housemates. Everyone is really nice, but I work even harder than ever to make my spoken English clear for them. We drank rum and coke (the Russians make that strong!) and ate fruit (a Russian tradition.)

Last night when I was trying to sleep, I heard the smashing of glass. “Oh dear,” I thought, “what have they broken.”
Apparently it was someone smashing our back window in and they called the police out!! I wondered what all the commotion was about.

Then our landlady turned up and laughed her head off at me. “You will not last two weeks with that blanket, I have one that thick in July!”
Apparently I need to go and spend $120 on a down blanket or I’m going to die this winter.
Think it’s time for a trip to Value Village…


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