We can take a Piss together

Ate cereal with a fork this morning as there are no spoons.

The walk to the subway this morning was particularly exciting. There were police cars that kept pulling up at the lights and then with a screech of tires, racing off down the street. A funeral convoy then followed (possibly connected?)
I then saw a police officer with a speed gun flagging down a vehicle. As it pulled in, I noticed it was also from the funeral convoy and he was probably speeding to catch up. The officer didn’t look like she was about to let him off!

Spent the whole day in the Royal Ontario Museum. Which is basically a natural history museum. If you’ve ever been to a natural history museum before then there are no surprises, apart from some 150million year old dinosaur eggs that were quite cool.

Our oven is shit. It took an hour to cook my fish and chips!
Zeck was eating ice cream with a fork. Apparently we have to buy our own spoons. I left to go and meet Sam, tonight was her friends birthday and I was hijacking it for my own birthday the following day.
I had no idea where the restaurant was, so I sat outside the bank for an hour and a half until Sam contacted me. Her directions were good, but I didn’t have my glasses and it was dark by now. I finally found the place and everyone was just finishing off their food.

I think someone has pooed themselves on the subway, it stinks.

We then ate some cake (It was really good) and set off for a pub. I’ve no idea where we went as everyone kept changing their minds on the way. We went in an Irish bar, found seats and everyone had their ID checked. Except one guy who was underaged and so we left to another pub, checking out some random gym equipment style street sculptures.

There was a band playing in our new pub (Grossmans Tavern) AND they were great. They were a New Orleans swing band and they were just great. We drank loads of beer, ate popcorn and Amit even got up to sing. I even got up and told everyone down the mic that I had come all the way from England to bring them tea and crumpets!
There were steep steps down to the washrooms and I managed to fall down them, TWICE!
We had shots before leaving (I don’t know why) and then somehow ended up in a Chinese restaurant eating loads. One of the party managed to break a glass and we were brought warm tea after I complained about the tea being cold. We were a nightmare.
Amit was trying to say loads of British things and he came out with, ‘we can take a piss together.’ erm, no thanks…

We then started walking home, but Sam decided she wanted to walk alone to clear her mind.
I got so lost. I ended up at Museum, which is East and I wanted to be going West. I must have walked about 10 miles home and I actually contemplated sleeping in a bush a few times. I finally got home about 4am.
Tomorrow is going to hurt.

Air guitar in the 11th century.



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