I don’t know why I bother (supporting England)

I started the day by looking at my SIN card and realising that my name was spelt wrong on it! Incredible! I had to make the trek to city hall to get it fixed. I overheard some people talking about music on the subway so I decided to ask them some questions about where to go to find certain things. I ended up riding the subway 6 stops too far just to continue the conversation and then had to get off and get back on in the other direction.
On the way to city hall, I thought I would check out the Fox and Fiddle to see if they were showing the England game. It had been demolished!

The wait time was ages for the SIN but I finally got served and bezzed off to a pub called ‘The Main Event.’ I was wicked pissed, and so was everyone else. The TV company were showing the hockey and not the football!!! Eventually the football came on and England had already scored twice and we’d missed almost the whole first half. England were shit in the second and ended up drawing.
A guy with a canadian accent started talking to me and it turned out he was from Oldham in England! He’s been here 25 years and started telling me that I need to move because the area I live in is associated with drugs. Great.
After the game he invited me to go smoke weed with him!!
I had to do a runner because I had to get up the CN tower before the sun set. The view from the top is amazing and makes the city look so small. There’s also a glass floor for those that are daring, to go and walk on. I jumped on it.
It’s run by some proper cheeky bastards. You pay the ticket to go in and then if you want to use the hi tech binocular systems you have to pay a quarter, if you want to go to the skypod you pay extra, if you want to scratch your arse you pay extra.


I then went home and went to bed. Feeling wicked ill at the moment 😦


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  1. “proper cheeky bastards” is the best thing I’ve heard.

    I agree. It’s a tourist trap that’s priced insanely high. Just avoid buying drinks at the main stadiums and theme parks. I almost cried when I payed 9.75 for a 355ml can of Jack Daniels & Coke at the Molson Amphitheatre.

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