I looked a picture of exquisite living this morning eating my cereal with a plastic spoon! Yes, we have spoons that I knicked from a food outlet.

Today was training at work. You can’t talk about work on the interwebz so all I can really say is that we had to take in a hell of a lot of information in 5 hours!
They were handing out the company shirts and everyone was trying to be all macho saying, I don’t need a small, I’m definitely medium. So I just said, ‘yep, I’m probably a small.’ it’s an American company so they are probably American sizes. Turns out the small is actually pretty big and everyone else looked like fools.

Liza made us some amazing tea tonight. I can’t read the box, but apparently translated from Russian, the title is ‘special tea for when you have a cold.’ she mixed it with black tea and lemon and it was AMAZING!
Zek has broken his computer and I wasn’t able to fix it.


Posted on Monday, 10 October, 2011, in Living in Canada. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hey!

    Sounds like u r sort of alright over there! Well done on getting the job, makes things easier if u know u can buy food n don’t have to rely on what other people put in the bin! 🙂

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