Ride The Rocket!

I hate reading that slogan on posters. It makes me angry. Usually because I’m sitting on the train stationary between two stations with no explanation why and no amount of anything rocket like.
TTC is bollocks.

This morning I went to the science museum. It’s good, but there’s no real structure to it’s layout and most of the exhibits come without instructions making you wonder just what the hell you are supposed to do with the contraptions on show. For some reason you enter on level 2 and then go down to level 4, 6 and up to 5. In that order.
It was alright. A bit cack in places, but it was made infinitely better by the fact that all the school kids were at school and me and about 10 other people had the museum to ourselves.
The planetarium was quite poor, but I guess I was spoiled by the largest one in the world when I visited San Francisco last year.
Also, every bastard thing was in English AND French!!! I didn’t know I’d crossed the border into Quebec. They even duplicated some of the exhibits just to have a French version.

On the way back I made a detour to the Apple store. Only because I wanted a photo of all the post-it notes left for Steve Jobs before they get taken down.
Big mistake. I ended up taking the subway in rush hour. I couldn’t get on the first train so I had to wait for the second. The good news was that I got to ride one of the brand new ‘rockets.’ Then some grumpy old bastard shouted at me and called me a ‘shmuck’ for blocking the doors when there was nowhere else to stand.

I got home and ate my third thanksgiving dinner. But there wasn’t much left, so my house mates treated me to some pasta because they are worried that I am too thin. It was nice 🙂



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