The name’s James, just James.

My housemates have taken to calling me Just James. It’s a reference to James Bond.
The name’s James; just James.

No real excitement today, just went from shop to shop trying to find some trousers for work that I could actually afford. Is it really OK to ask $60 for a pair of trousers?!!? Especially ones made in China or Bangladesh?

I finally got some no-iron, crease free ones, that had creases in. I also needed some food, so that went on the credit card.

Thanksgiving leftovers for tea (which were yummy) and for the first time ever I left the house without a coat or jumper, and it totally pisses it down! Sam’s parents leant me a filthy denim jacket, I looked a scaff, but at least I was vaguely dry on the trip home.

Almost forgot, I went to Dundas Sq for the Hank Williams special this dinner time. It was alright.


But like seriously $60 for one pair of trousers? Where is the Primark of Canada? Also, $5 for a box of cereal? Why has Tesco’s not moved in yet?


It’s 12:13am am. I’ve just spent an hour helping Liza, who has an English test tomorrow (half of the words on her test I’ve never even heard spoken in England) and then half an hour helping Baldo write his resume.
I also need to re-clean my teeth because I was offered a peanut butter ice cream which I could not turn down.
Liza is now calling me ‘Bond’ instead of James now.



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  1. Cereal is disgustingly expensive here. I have no clue why! I stick to toast.

    $60 seems like a lot. Nothing outrageous, if they’re nice dress pants, but still. If you’re just wearing them to work, check out H&M (there’s one in the Eaton’s Centre) or even Wal-Mart or Zellers. I mean, work clothes don’t need to be fashionable!

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