Finally, I don’t feel like a tourist.

More training at work today. Did loads of quizzes and shadowed a person on the checkout. All riveting stuff.
The weirdest part was when I came to leave the store. I walked outside and suddenly I just thought, oh, I remember Toronto, I live there! I think this was finally it, the realisation that I’m here to stay. Due to me spending a week in Boston and then doing whatever I like, going wherever I like whenever I like in Toronto, it just felt like I was travelling still. Getting a job has helped me to feel settled, but it was a bit of a shock to the system when the realisation came.

I rushed home, chucked some tea down me and then went out to the ‘Cameron House.’ My intention was to meet up with a musician from one of the bands performing that night, although I went home before he showed up as I have work in the morning. I still had a good time and there was even trumpet and sax players standing on top of the bar! It was great, apart from the fact that the trumpet player kept dripping sweat on me 😦
I was sat next to a girl at the bar and this Irish guy started trying to chat her up. He said two things to her and then left, hugging her on the way out. Don’t think she was impressed.

More quizzes tomorrow.


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