Jack the ripper

Went to TD Bank because I think the bastards have overdrawn me by taking out my checking charge when I had $0 balance. I couldn’t pay any money in because there was about 50 people in the line and I needed to get to work. That bank is ALWAYS rammed no matter which branch.

My first day helping customers. Most were wanting memory cards, which was great because I know all about them. I also sold a microphone and had to speak to someones husband on the phone. I don’t understand why people send someone else to buy things for them when they know nothing about what the product is for?!?
Also had a great chat with a bloke buying a printer who started telling me a tale about the Yorkshire Ripper because he noticed I had a Northern England accent.

Bed time. I’m really hungry actually and I think I’ve lost weight. Once I get paid I can start eating better.


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