Canadians are freaks!

This morning I had the hangover from hell.

I went out to various places to look for a fall coat. I wandered up to Value Village. Bloody ‘ell crikey, that place is a sight. It’s like a massive empty shell with rails of second hand clothing and a loads of shelves with random shit falling off the edges. Having bought nothing, I then moved on to the dollar store where I picked out a nice new lunchbox and various other things. I tried to purchase them, but their Visa no longer works so I couldn’t get anything.

Next stop was Winners. I love the music they play in there. It’s always good. I couldn’t find a fall coat anywhere, and this is when I realised one thing. Canadians are freaks. There has to be something in the water. The other day I could not find trousers anywhere that weren’t two inches too long. Then today, I could not find a coat for love nor money with arms that weren’t designed for a giraffe!
If they do an archaeological dig in 50 years time and find Canadian clothes, they’re going to think we all had wicked long arms and legs!
Also, whilst I was in there someone dropped something. There was an almighty crash which sounded like an entire bars worth of glasses all breaking at once. I expect they were quite embarrassed!

Wal Mart. I must be successful here, all I want is a loaf of bread.
Nope, the line has about 500 people in it and I’m not waiting ages just for a loaf of bread!

I left Dufferin with nothing. A complete waste of a morning. On the way to the subway entrance I saw a goth dressed head to toe in black. He was riding a little girls scooter, lilac with pictures of Dora the Explorer on it. It was rather amusing, but I wasn’t able to get a photo.

I then spent an hour or so at the coin laundry place. It was awful. I hated every minute of it and most of my clothes are still damp cos I ran out of quarters.

20111017-122658 AM.jpg

I took the subway to go get a winter coat, and I got one! SUCCESS!! I nearly didn’t make it there though. The train pulled into the station and chucked everyone off. Then the next one came along, everyone got on and once they shut the doors they decided to chuck everyone out. They did this 4 times before a train actually carried people out of the station.

Next stop, SPAG BOL at Sam’s parents house. I took the street car, but for some reason they had the heating on full whack despite it being about 15 degrees outside! It was stifling. Spag bol was amazing and I picked up my mail too. Apparently I’ve been automatically opted in to some insurance policy with my credit card and they’ll charge me 98cents every $100 I spend. So that’s pretty much my entire cashback gone.
Might have to go argue with them tomorrow.


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