No frills, or visa.

Just got back from work. I took the bus from Ossington and some guy got on wearing his I-wish-I-was-Jarvis-Cocker outfit. After the bus set off, he put some fecking awful music on (sounded a bit like The Cure or some bollocks UK indie band) and stuck his mp3 player in his top pocket, the external speakers still blaring. He then proceeded to dance up and down the bus singing along. After ringing the bell he grabbed one of the poles and shouted the next line out of the windscreen.
He got off the bus, but only me and one other passenger seemed to find it amusing.

After arriving home, I remembered that I needed jam. I walked to the subway and took the train. After spending ages standing in line at No Frills, they informed me that they don’t take Visa. @£?!!@£!!!
I then did my shopping a second time in WalMart, which actually turned out slightly cheaper anyway!

Back at the house, Baldo was cooking tea. Liza and Lucija decided to make cookies. I was in charge of the instructions, but they ignored the final step.

Here’s the result:

20111018-084342 PM.jpg

And here is Baldo’s amazing cuisine. I can hardly move now I am so full!! He kept saying “here, take this, you are to thin,” and giving me more rice.

20111018-084326 PM.jpg


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