Pros and cons of Toronto.

A bonus post for you on this fine Tuesday night!


  • The people are very friendly.
  • The subway is smart and spacious.
  • The accent is softer and easier to understand.
  • There are loads of really cool quirky things to discover.
  • Most things are spelt correctly (colour has a ‘u’)
  • The metric system is the standard.
  • They have $1 and $2 coins.
  • Loads of quality free papers.
  • I haven’t seen a single obese person yet. Especially not the type that have single legs wider than my torso that make you physically ill just to look at.
  • Cons:

  • Subway is really not very comprehensive. (There is only really two lines.)
  • All public transport is slow.
  • Public transport is CONSTANTLY going out of service and abandoning people.
  • Immigration can’t spell my name.
  • I have no idea what a km is.
  • Too many places only take cash.
  • Sales tax isn’t added on til it’s put through the till.
  • There is no free banking and ATMs are only free if it belongs to your bank.
  • Chips = crisps, queue = line and a subway is an underground train not an underpass.
  • Their trousers are all made for really tall people. Either that or everyone who is my size has bought up all the 30″ leg trousers.
  • Fish and chips are 4 times more expensive than in the UK.
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