Zombie Dog Walk

This morning I went to New Toronto to play some drums. It was so good to play real drums after all this time. The kit was decent too.
Afterwards I used the washroom. The light switch had four buttons on it. You had to decide the exact amount of time you were going to need and then press one. I pressed the one that said 2 mins.
Upon leaving, I saw a sign on a gate for a ‘Zombie Dog Walk.’ Sounds interesting!
The bus took AGES to come and now I’m panicking that I could be late to work.

20111019-020721 PM.jpg

I sold loads of stuff today and even shifted some plans with them too! Brownie points there!
I’ve also worked out a way to get to work with only having to spend about 50metres of walking outside, awesome for a day like today when it’s pissing it down. For those of you reading this in England, Toronto has loads of underground passageways. My 30 minute journey to work is a bus, two subways and part of the ‘path’ network which links a lot of shops and subways together so you don’t have to venture outside.

For Torontonians, what is the etiquette for when you see a girl you fancy on the subway? Like I’m not going to stare and drool, but obviously I want to look at her cos I fancy her.

Similarly, when you see a bloke in skinny jeans, are you allowed to punch them in the face?


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