Zombie Walk

This morning I went to the Toronto Zombie Walk. Except I missed the walk because I had to go to work.

20111022-113647 PM.jpg
The event started at Trinity Bellwoods where loads of people, dressed as zombies, had gathered to take part.
It was actually quite terrifying and some of them even made me feel sick.
Unfortunately some of the zombies were smiling which kind of ruined the illusion.
I bumped into Gary from juggling club who was also there taking photos. In fact the place might as well have been a camera convention the amount of cameras that were there!
I left just as the zombie wedding was starting and took the street car to work. The journey, which according to Google takes 10 minutes, took 20 mins to do 2 blocks! I jumped off at spadina and power walked / ran to work. I had to txt the general manager on the way to let him know and managed to only be late by 8 minutes.

Actually starting to hate my job now. See what next week brings.

20111022-114241 PM.jpg

I couldn’t get through the barriers at the subway because I foolishly put a strong magnet in my pocket and wiped my metro pass. ARGH!!!!

I arrived home to find the house covered in signs:

20111022-115747 PM.jpg

20111022-115822 PM.jpg

20111022-115831 PM.jpg
The seat, of course, was in the up position.

20111023-111337 PM.jpg

20111023-111407 PM.jpg


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