Are you ready for the most exciting blog post ever?!?!?!!?

Well, you’ll have to wait, because this isn’t it.

After ruining my metro pass with an alpha key the other day, I had to go to Davisville to the TTC customer service office. I filled in a form and the guy gave me a new card. I hope I don’t win the Metrocard lottery now because I don’t have the card I registered anymore!

I then did a 9 hour shift at work because Josh didn’t show up. The only good thing about this (and I hope this isn’t a trade secret) but once the stores close, the music gets turned up. Loud. Had a bit of Metallica and the Offspring tonight which was a blast from the past. Thoroughly enjoyed my laser-lining duties tonight.

We also had one customer who literally must have spent 2 hours choosing a camera and then when I opened the box decided he didn’t want it because it didn’t use the same battery as his 4 year old Sony. There are no cameras that use that battery anymore, but he insisted.


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