Bunac and Swap are absolutely bloody useless.

(Bunac and swap are associations set up to help people do work abroad years and they are supposed to help you with information about the country you are going to. You have to pay them money and up until recently, going through these organisations was the only way to get a work permit)

Today I went to the swap office to ask about Canadian drivers licenses and how I convert a UK one. He knew feck all and after googling for a bit he found that I was supposed to have got an international one before leaving the UK. Bunac didn’t tell me this either. Glad I spent my money on these complete eejits. Both companies are staffed by people who really have absolutely no idea.

On the way to work I found some awesome graffiti on McDougal Lane. I then had another shift at work, but I sold my first service plan AND I got 75% in my appraisal!

Baldo is now sat in the kitchen singing Everyone’s Mr Nutz and talking to himself in completely random English phrases.

Bed, cos I gotta work tomorrow!!!


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  1. I agree, Bunac are useless. They ignored my emails although initially they told me they could help me and I should contact them if I needed any help. So what caused the change in approach on their behalf? I would love to know!

    Luckily we can just apply directly now anyway!

  2. I sent them a letter telling them how disgusted I was with their service and they partially refunded me.

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