Eggsellent day!

28th October.

Why are so many people already wearing Canada Goose jackets? It’s not that cold yet!

I made some of my infamous microwaved scrambled eggs on toast. Liza was disgusted, but I think she was just jealous that she wasn’t brought up as well as me.

20111028-062022 PM.jpg
After dinner/lunch I went down to the harbour front and walked west towards the Rogers stadium. Here’s a picture to prove that it was in fact sunny:

There’s a power station at Front and John St that I have wanted to photograph for a while now. I waited ages to cross the road and then realised that there wasn’t a decent viewpoint to get a good photo.
I carried on towards Union station. There were hundreds of people swarming along the sidewalk, so I followed them. They must know where they’re going, it’ll be a shortcut. It was a shortcut… To the Go station! Bollocks! I wanted the subway and I was now completely lost.

After exiting at Ossington I took a detour on Shaw St to take a photo of the church and also found this:

20111028-071902 PM.jpg

Upon arriving home I had to ring our landlady. Apparently we have to sign a contract because Victoria the Russian girl downstairs has just decided after two weeks that she is moving out without giving any notice leaving our landlady in a pickle.


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  1. Those eggz look like the worst meal ever mate! What happened to the legendary Willoughby beans on toast?

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