Can I see purple camera?

It snowed this morning!!! Amazing! I’m finally living the real Canadian lifestyle, RAW!! Here’s the photo to prove it:

20111030-103204 AM.jpg

Spent the day at work and returned to find my landlady in the kitchen. We are banned from using the oven because it’s not safe. Bugger.

Had a really awkward customer at work today. First she couldn’t decide between two cameras, even after I told her exactly which one to buy. Then she wanted to see the purple one, so I had to get it out of the cabinet (which requires keys I don’t have) and show it her.
“I’m not standing anymore,” she said, “you’ll have to bring them to me,” and then sat in her child’s stroller whilst he ran around picking up random DVDs and redistributing them around my area. I had to then stand there and present each camera to her so that she could pick a colour.
She couldn’t choose and so asked me which I thought she should get.
“You’re asking me?” I questioned.
“Yes,” she said, “which colour do you think suits us best?”
I chose purple because I was beginning to lose my patience.
After more buggering about she then decided she wanted to compare it with a model by another brand. I was getting even more pissed off and the store was closing. I said she should definitely not buy it because it is made by [brand removed].
I eventually managed to convince her to come to the cash register where she then started messing about with her child and asking more stupid questions. She then asked when the store closed.
“Now!” I snapped.
“No but when does it close.”
“Now, it is closed now!” I was really losing my patience with her. I needed her to enter her credit card pin and she asked me to hold her child’s cup whilst she did it so that it wouldn’t spill. I looked in the cup. It was empty. This girl was tapped.

Liza now keeps saying “can I see purple camera,” as one of our in-house jokes.

There was also a guy who wanted to buy a camera I specifically advised him against and then wanted me to get the thing out, power it all up and show him how to use it. What’s more, he had a handful of old memory cards and he made me go through them all to see which ones worked.

I had another guy the other day thrust two hands full of money in my face and ask to buy a laptop. I asked if he’d been to the computer department and he relied, “oh, is that how it works?”

This evening we taught Baldo to iron. He starts his new job tomorrow!

20111030-103027 PM.jpg
Notice how he’s using the suitcase technique.


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