Today was a shopping day, I bought a scarf, gloves, jeans and a bag of nuts. The scarf is going back because it itches. I should have tried this in the shop, but I am an inexperienced scarf shopper.
I then went for McDonalds and was stood behind a crazy woman who kept slamming her McChicken sandwich on the counter saying it wasn’t chicken. As they were swapping it for chicken nuggets she started chanting to herself, over and over, “good morning Montreal, good morning Montreal.”

I then explored some of the path network, 17km of shops, the largest underground shopping complex in the world.

Next stop was city hall to enquire about driving licenses and this was where SWAP had told me to go. Of course, he was talking out of his arse and it wasn’t here.
Whilst I was at city hall, I noticed that they’d ruined the only good vantage point of possibly the only historical looking building in Toronto, by building a big concrete slope in front of it.

20111101-122037 PM.jpg
I then went to Service Ontario, the real place for driving licenses. It was rammed. I got to the front desk where I was told that they can switch my UK one for a Canadian one, but it’s $75!! $25 more than the nobber at SWAP told me. Bunac are about to get a nasty letter from me!

I went in search of a hairdresser that had been recommended to me by a Croatian. I couldn’t find it, but then again, I’m not sure I trust getting my hair cut in China Town. It was still late afternoon so I thought I would go get lost in Honest Eds for the fun of it. I chopped off the ‘H’ on the photo trying to fit the terrible jokes in the picture.

20111101-122138 PM.jpg

Back home and totally knackered, it was laundry time, Baldo had arrived home too, so he came with me. He then had the great idea of going for a beer. Oh dear.

We took the bus down to Queen St and went in the Cameron House. A band were setting up in the corner. Last time I came I had no money and I soon found out that it is not cheap here. $6.75 a beer!

Afterwards Baldo wanted to eat, and not content with McDonalds, we went to a wrap place next door. I didn’t know what falafa was so I had it, it was wicked spicy. Excellent presentation though! This wasn’t enough to satisfy Baldo’s appetite so we had to go in McDonalds for a McFlurry. It was awesome. Next he wanted Pizza Pizza, but I managed to convince him we should go home.

Here is a picture of what happens when you run out of quarters for the drying machine at the laundrette:

20111101-122130 PM.jpg


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