This morning I did a food shop. Zeck came with me. As we went around the aisles, he gave me tips on cooking which were very interesting. We also studied the bagged milk section. I still find it fascinating.

After eating back home, I went to work.
I didn’t manage to sell service all day and then on my final sale I convinced the customer to buy service. Also, whilst he was comparing the specs of a product with the one on his laptop, his trackpad died. I sold him a mouse. I’ve submitted my entry for ‘Sale of the week.’

I got talking to Matt after work and somehow ended up going for drinks with a couple of the lads. We ended the night at 1am with a ‘Burt Reynolds.’ It’s a butterscotch shot which I renamed ‘Worthers Original.’
The washroom required successful navigation of a maze in order to get there. It’s literally about half a kilometre and is sign posted several times. I got lost on the way back.

20111103-095748 PM.jpg

20111103-095755 PM.jpg


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