Zeck insisted on going to nofrills again this morning as he’d missed most of the deals the day before. His cupboard is now entirely full of tins of tomato and pasta. We both bought pizzas as it was $2 off, but we don’t have an oven as our landlady has condemned it.

I then decided to investigate Scarborough. I took the subway to Kennedy and then switched to the overground RT. People have been telling me how old and noisy and slow they are, and they’re right. But I think they have a lot of a character, the doors make a cool sound when they open too, a bit like the doors on spaceships in films. They are a lot smaller and have less seats, but it’s nice to have a view for a change as you are being whisked along. The mall at Scarboro (as they call it) is pretty awful. It’s a sprawling mass of confusion with too many choke points. I also didn’t see the ‘guy who sells sausages outside,’ a landmark recommended to me by a local tour guide. I bought a couple of shirts in a sale and then took the TTC back to Victoria park.

Beef stew tonight!!

Bastard TTC chucked two train loads of people off at Christie with no explanation and then we had to wait two trains before we could carry on with our journey! I wouldn’t mind, but I pay for this ‘service.’


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