Are the banks finally taking notice of Occupy Toronto?

20111104-054912 PM.jpg

What a beautiful day today in Toronto. Here’s some pictures to make English folk jealous:

20111104-054729 PM.jpg

20111104-054755 PM.jpg

My crappy camera doesn’t do it justice, but it was nice out. I didn’t need to wear a coat either, and so as usual I had to carry it around with me.

20111104-054948 PM.jpg
That’s a little better, although I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a red bush or if it’s autumnized.

I did a bit of exploring and found that there are some rehearsal studios near my house. I went via the bank to get some money and as luck would have it, it was customer appreciation day. The bank manager came out and invited me to come in and eat cake. I also got a free fridge magnet!

20111104-055318 PM.jpg
Yep, that is wallpaper covering 1/8 of our fridge and no I don’t have any idea where it came from!

I got to the rehearsal rooms and had a good old drumming session for an hour. Except I haven’t played since that time I went to Islington and my hands just ripped to shreds.

Spent the evening doing an English test with Lisa again. I learnt that in Russia you always write your fathers name when you sign something. It also appears on your passport. It’s basically saying you belong to your dad.
Apparently this says something in Russian.

20111105-082016 PM.jpg


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