Nice Raq

Spent the morning at work. I wished all the customers and staff a ‘happy bonfire night,’ and then had to explain it.
For any Canadians wondering what this is. Basically in 1605 this bloke called Guy Fawkes, stuck a load of gunpowder under the houses of parliament in an attempt to blow it up. He got caught and now (because we can’t let something like this lie) we make an effigy of Guy, put it on top of a bonfire and burn him. We then watch fireworks and eat shit rock-hard toffee.

I then walked to the subway station, went through the barriers and stood on the platform before realising I’d left my coat at work. Bugger!
I had to go back for it, which meant going through security for a second time at work.
I stopped by Dundas Sq on the way back thinking there was a music concert on. It turned out to be something to do with a marathon. A woman was on stage translating everything into ASL, but since this is completely different to British Sign Language, I could not read what she was saying.

I went to bed when I got in, knackered.
When I surfaced, Baldo made us some pasta. We were so full, it was probably enough for 3. After a couple of beers and some Croatian videos on YouTube, I headed out to ‘The Raq,’ a pool bar, where I was to meet some people from work. One of the Best Buy staff came up to me shouting, “HAPPY BONFIRE NIGHT! LET’S BURN ALL THE CAHOLICS!!” I think he slightly missed the point.
I had a good time and we won our doubles pool game.

Starting to get extremely sick of the hearing the same 4 songs in EVERY club you go. The fact that they get played at work doesn’t really help. I hate it when songs are played to death.
I also noticed that the window seals are really not very good on the buses. This winter is going to be cold!


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