This is modern warfare!

Lisa and Lutcija were moaning about men over breakfast, “I don’t understand how men can have sex in the dark with a small hole, but when it comes to a toilet with a massive hole, it goes everywhere!”

On that note I headed for Yorkdale mall. It’s massive!
Here’s another over exposed picture to prove that will still have sun here!

20111107-112402 PM.jpg

You probably can’t see this too well because my camera sucks, but someone had scratched a UFO abducting someone (or beaming an alien down) in the plastic on the bus:

20111107-112525 PM.jpg

Work the rest of the day. During my lunch break I missed all the excitement of someone trying to steal an iPod. They cut the cord but didn’t get away with the iPod.

Modern Warfare 3 comes out tonight at midnight and several stores are opening late just for the game.
There was a massive line outside our shop, some people had been there since 8:30am and they were even gaming on the sidewalk. There was a green screen where you could get your photo taken with camouflaged soldiers.

20111107-112855 PM.jpg

Dundas square was the best. They’d actually got a life sized helicopter and jeeps there!!

20111107-112950 PM.jpg

20111107-113004 PM.jpg

Toronto knows how to do a video game launch!!!


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