Moscow superstitions

I am lying on my back writing this post as I have God-knows-what in my nostril. Liza gave me some drops and told me to put them in my nose to clear my snot. I did it and then ten minutes later she says, “actually I think that is the one for your eyes.” !!!!!
Mind you, it’s pretty easy to get mixed up, look at the packaging!!

20111109-114416 PM.jpg

I am also learning more and more Russian superstitions. I just ate a tonne of ice cream and this is why:

You will have no money if you do the following:

  • Whistling in the house.
  • Eating a chunk of ice cream out of the tub instead of a whole layer.
  • Talking when the fridge is making a noise.

  • Further things that happen because of the devil:

  • If you drop a knife you have to knock 3 times to stop a man coming.
  • If you drop a fork you have to bang it three times on the floor to stop a woman coming.
  • Very strange, at least English ones such as walking under a ladder make sense in a way.

    I doubt much will happen tomorrow, so I will leave Liza’s tale of Moscow subway until then.

    In other news, I got awarded sale of the week last week after only working there for a month! I get a $10 gift card to spend at the mall!


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