Eh Luigi! Put on the pizzeria!!

Spent all morning ringing ‘The Main Event’ and getting no answer, so I went to the Duke of Richmond pub on Queen. I stood there for 15 minutes whilst the idiot bar maids try to work out the TV. Turns out they only had some shitty French game on despite them having loads of Union Jacks outside.
I rushed to the subway and went to The Main Event anyway. They were showing the game after all and as it turns out, I had the wrong phone number!!
The till was broken and so the barmaid was forced to write our orders on a piece of paper. I ordered Coors, about 5 times, she had no idea what I was saying and finally got me my drink after double checking my order. At half time I asked for a bottle of Canadian, the bloke asked me to repeat and then shouted, ” Oh Heineken!” No, but it’ll do. I didn’t get charged for either of these drinks and later got a bill for Carlsberg.
England won too. First time they’ve played half decent in ages!! Lucija and Zdravko also turned up for the last 20mins, missing the goal.

I’m a bit of a pizza expert. I love eating them and I’m a pro when it comes to cooking them. I haven’t had a pizza since I came to Toronto. I was so excited about having pizza for tea. I even risked using our condemned oven to cook it.
Imagine the disappointment when this happened:

20111112-064315 PM.jpg

Been to my new job and signed the contract. Friday here we come!!


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