Work today. Forgot to get a security sticker for my camera, but at least I have a case not for sale in the store and a camera only available in Europe, so I didn’t get in trouble.
My first customer made me open every camera to see where it was made and then when we finally found one from Japan, he wanted to know where the battery was made!

Came home, ate some cinnamon bread and then we headed out to no frills. We met an Irish girl at the bus stop who has just moved in across the street. My brain switched to speaking in quickly in British and after we left her I continued speaking this way, much to the confusion of my Russian and Croatian friends. “Please can you speak with a Russian accent?” asked Lisa.

We went round nofrills and somehow I ended up carrying Liza’s shopping basket. Afterwards we also somehow ended up in Taco Bell.

Our Internet went off yesterday lunchtime and apparently they can’t send a technician out until next week! Fecking bastards!


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