Huddersfield is taking over!

Graham from juggling came round this morning with what he called a ‘beer fridge.’ He must drink an awful lot of beer cos it was almost the size of my normal fridge back in England.
He took it away again.

I then went to look at the price of grills, and bought some sweet new kicks instead!

20111114-024328 PM.jpg

Food next. There was mould in my pasta sauce, but I ate it anyway. It now lives in my fridge just to be on the safe side.
As soon as I’d finished my lunch, I saw a fire engine blocking the street outside. This could be exciting I thought, and rushed up to the top floor for a better view. It wasn’t exciting, but it was a little odd. The cherry picker extended fully up into the sky and two fire fighters stood in it whilst a third person took photographs.
I took one back:

20111114-024424 PM.jpg

Waited bloody ages for the bus. Think there’d been an accident as there was a copper redirecting traffic. The bastard watched us all wait for the bus, but didn’t tell us there was a diversion! I substituted the excitement of finding out why the road was shut for getting to work on time and walked to the subway.

Feel a bit dodgy now, maybe I need to chuck the pasta sauce away…

I served a girl at work today who asked where I was from. I told her Yorkshire and she replied, “my dad is from Huddersfield.” I was like :O
So that’s this girl’s dad, the girl at Apple Store, me and Greg Walker when he visits, all from Huddersfield in Toronto!
We are taking over!!


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