Mental Asylum

Bit behind on these as I’ve been so busy. Felt wicked ill today and Liza made me some of her Russian tea.
‘Grudnoi Sbor’ (translates as ‘lung mix’) it’s 20% pansy, 20% camomile, 20% marigold, 20% Labrador tea, 15% licorice roots, 5% mint.

20111116-110623 PM.jpg

Yep, if that wasn’t bad enough, my house is now officially a mental hospital.
Liza was singing the theme tune to ‘Chip N Dale’ …in Russian.
Baldo wants to put his shoes in the freezer because he thinks it will kill the bacteria that make them smell.
And Lucija was cooking this:

20111118-120344 AM.jpg

Yes, it’s a hand towel…

Or as Liza would say, towel for hands.


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