Back on the train

This morning was a nightmare. Woke up with a nose bleed, then I couldn’t find my keys. I pulled my room apart looking for them for about 10 mins before I realised I’d put them in my bag in a half-asleep state whilst thinking they were headphones. Baldo then insisted I help him open the window because he’d left his shoes on the roof all night trying to kill the odour.

We waited at the subway whilst a train went past completely rammed full then had to wait again after a train went past us at St George, completely empty.

Today was the first day of training for my new job. The day consisted of a slide presentation with a few videos, lots of clapping and even a few games to play. It was pretty intense.

Both of us English blokes got hired!
Can’t really be any more specific than that due to confidentially agreements.

By the way, Eaton Centre currently looks like this:

20111118-080218 PM.jpg

20111118-080225 PM.jpg
Bloody ‘ell!


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