Gravy Train

Had more training today. Everything was going well until the last task when we were asked to think of our company as an ecosystem and to apply it to an analogy. We had no rehearsal and I was handed a page of notes I had to ad-lib some kind of narrative from whilst everyone else acted it out. It was going really well, people seemed to find my jokes funny and then on the last point I got too hung up on slagging off support bands (our analogy was a music concert) that I then had to compare support bands to people training to be managers. The link was meant to be that support bands are working their way up to becoming the main band (a plausible comparison) but instead I said that all support bands are awful and nobody cared about them because they’d rather get drunk.

We then all went to California Sandwiches. The sandwiches there were voted best in Toronto by Now magazine, but to be honest, it was really just a sandwich. Then again, I don’t tend to get excited by food that easily.

First day off in 8 days tomorrow!

P.s. there was no gravy involved but it was the best food/training pun I could think of at 1am.


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