Driving me up the wall!

Finally a day off!
I went to Service Ontario today to get my driving license. The line was small. The waiting room was quiet and the queue system was broken. A woman walked around shouting numbers out and I got served after maybe 5 minutes. Everything was going well.
Then I had to do a sight test.


My glasses were at home.

Back at nofrills I bought a ton of food including a pork chop! Yum yum!! I also noticed that the Brits had invaded as they were sold out of crumpets:

20111121-091956 PM.jpg

Back at the house I had some ‘English’ muffins for lunch with jam. Yum yum!

I then embarked on my return trip to Service Ontario.
It was packed and the ticket machine was now working. Plus I got a woman who had no idea what she was doing.
This sucked.

6 years later I emerged with a temporary Canadian drivers license. Temporary until they ship the real thing in 6 weeks time!

On the way back I called in at the drum shop and was ‘helped’ by the same moron who sold me the incorrect kit last time. He still has no idea what he’s doing. That could have been my job he’s doing.
I did however find a different knob upstairs and had a good fiddle. This knob feels amazing!

20111121-092528 PM.jpg

Returned home, ate my chop and somehow got roped into helping with a presentation on plastic surgery.



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