Training 5

I’ve completely run out of training based jokes today. It was another day of training though.
Had another amazing cheese butty:

20111123-084336 PM.jpg

I also saw this amazing yellow rubber glove zone!!

20111123-084418 PM.jpg
Must be dangerous as it uses the word ‘caution.’
I also took this amazing photo of the floor as I was fleeing the scene of the previous photo:

20111123-084552 PM.jpg

…AND, got to ride one of the new rockets. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but basically all the cars now connect the entire length of the train so you can walk from one end to other, or even enjoy a spot of cricket!

20111123-084739 PM.jpg

Had chicken sausages for tea, but I dropped one on the floor 😦
Still, they were 12 for a dollar.


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  1. Those new subways are great! But I’m convinced there is only one in the whole subway system. Are they ever planning on getting any more?

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