Back to my (brass banding) roots.

Took me ages to get up this morning. I had the hangover from hell.
When I finally dragged myself out of the house at about 1pm, I went to collect my tickets to a concert I am attending tomorrow. It’s going to be awesome!!
I then wandered around Queen and Yonge area and visited a few shops. My initial reason to go there was to get some better quality photos of the reindeer in the Eaton Centre. I also still have my $10 gift card for Best Buy so I was looking for inspiration on what to spend it on.
I also visited a few camera shops including Henry’s and Downtown.

On the way back a bloke sat on the street was asking people what time it was. I told him and stopped a bit further down the street to take a photo of the church. The bloke followed me and started asking me about England and stuff. I was a bit weary of him because he looked like he was a bit tapped, possibly homeless, and I was holding an expensive camera that I didn’t want to give him. I managed to get away and headed to Dundas square to get a photo of the Christmas tree.
McDonalds were handing out free premium roast coffee. I hate coffee, but it was free so I had some. The salvation army band played and CTV filmed them as part of the toy rally thing where they give toys to kids for Christmas.


20111125-215849.jpg I took some more photos and then went to speak to the conductor of the band.
I now have a couple of contacts to see if I can get some brass band work! Don’t know that I really want to get back into that, but we’ll see what happens.

I then got on the Queen street car and rode it to Victoria Park to pick up my post. I forgot how long and slow that bloody thing is!


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