Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud!

This morning I did very little. We had no water, but luckily the laundrette did, so I was able to wash my clothes.

Just as I decided to go out, Liza and Baldo decided that I should stay with them and socialise in the kitchen.
I wanted to see Toronto.

Before I could leave, our landlady appeared with the new oven. Excellent!!

Except it wouldn’t fit through the door 😦
Liza did some cooking on the porch.


I set off for the distillery district, which was a mission in itself. Bay station is closed and the trains go out of service at Museum and then they try and route 4 train lines through a single station.


I saw a few interesting things on the way.



I finally arrived at the distillery district.


It was really nice. Lots of old buildings and the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen!!

And this creature from half life!


I went into a shop that claimed to be an industrial design museum. What it meant was, really expensive stainless steel tat.

They had this super cool clock though (telling the wrong time.)
And iPod shaped egg cups!


Also, I don’t know if he was a perv or an undercover detective, but there was a bloke with his camera zoomed all the way in taking pictures of a couple kissing. :S

On the subway home, I tried to take a picture of a guy’s massive hair.
My camera sucks…


After I got home I ate Liza’s left over pasta and then followed her to the shop to get some ice cream.

I’m now at a James Brown tribute. Pee Wee Ellis and Maceo Parker are playing. Ridiculous!!


…and it was ridiculous! Check out my seats!



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