P-A-R-T-y? Cos I gotta!

I turned on my phone this morning and had 2 voicemails from a fertility clinic.
The first one asked me to come in for a vaginal something and the second one said “I’m ringing to let you know that your hormones are…” the message then cut off.
I rang them back to tell them they have the wrong number, but no one answered.

It’s pissed it down all day. At one point I went out in the rain to visit the local bike shop.

It was shut.

Look at this amazing sandwich I made!
The afternoon was spent at juggling club…juggling.

Tonight was my previous work’s Christmas party.
The diversion via Museum was still a nightmare.
I arrived at College station and it was still pissing it down. I got quite wet navigating my way to the Delta Chelsea hotel.
Here’s a photo:


I met Matt outside who had no idea I was coming, despite me telling him about 15 times.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’ll come right out and say it.
The party was a bit shit really.

This wasn’t just because I was denied the chance to win raffle prizes (because I am no longer a staff member,) but also because it was just a poor environment.

Maybe it’s because I’m (officially) [slightly] hard of hearing, but from the moment you walked in, to the minute you left, there was loud music playing. This made it difficult to have a conversation, which is really what Christmas parties are all about.
Next came the food. Or rather we went to the food. Now maybe I’m wrong, but if I’ve paid $25 myself, I expect the food brought to me and not a buffet. It was alright, but not top notch quality.
The puddings on the other hand were amazing!

Then the general manager (who didn’t look to thrilled to see me in the first place) decided to do some mixing on the turntables. His scratching sucked.

After that, they had a raffle. If they drew your number, you then picked another number and then opened a box with the corresponding number to see your prize. There were 2 Xbox’s, a 42″ tv, an $800 laptop and loads of other prizes. This bit was the most annoying of the night. Maybe I’m a little bitter that I couldn’t win, but seriously, this raffle went on for nearly and hour and a half. By this point I was wicked tired.

The raffle finally ended, the lights went out and the hip song of the moment came on. I don’t know it’s name, but I’m so sick of hearing it, that was the final straw.
“everybody’s in the house tonight”
That one.


Saw this in the reception. If I didn’t explain this before, you email the photo to somewhere and they give $2 to a children’s charity.



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