Rain rain go away.

Torrential rain, probably with a couple of days to go. At least the bus stop is only 80metres away!

Work this morning again. I had to ring both Rogers and Fido to activate phones and they were both rude to me! Not impressed.

I then went straight home because the guy I was meant to buy a cymbal off was being a dick.

Liza had cooked tea which was nice of her.
I then washed up and Liza flipped out at me for not rinsing the soapy bubbles off. She said it’s a poison and ran around the house screaming about it!

I then foolishly agreed to go to the bakery with her. It was absolutely bucketing it down and we got totally soaked.

No idea what we bought but we ate too much of it and partied to awful trance music and Anastasia, whilst Liza sang into an apple juice carton.

Finally got to bed after wrestling with an online shopping site trying to get my sister something for Christmas. I gave up. I cannot wait to get a real computer instead of using this iPod touch.

I think I’m starting to get into this Canadian way of life. I actually caught myself at the supermarket the other day, seeing products (that are way more expensive than in England) and thinking, ‘wow, that’s quite cheap!’
I also now say ‘stroller’ instead of ‘push-chair.’

Oh dear…


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