Shop til you drop

I am probably the worst shopper on the planet, or maybe the best depending on how you look at it.
I never seem to be able to buy anything I want. Everything is always just not quite perfect and I end up wasting ages thinking about it before moving onto the next shop empty handed.
I spent from 11 until 3 today wandering round various shops and coming home with nothing. I even spent about 90 minutes in a drum shop playing cymbals before deciding I didn’t like any of them.
The shop keeper kept telling me to take my time and make sure I got exactly the right cymbals. Don’t rush. Then he looked horrified when I told him I was leaving empty handed.

After a late lunch I went to the rehearsal studio for my first rehearsal with the new band. It was great, everyone seems pretty good musicians. We jammed for 3 hours playing some covers and some random stuff we made up on the spot.
Even if nothing comes of our own material, I reckon we’d make a pretty good Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band!

Next I went to Walmart to look for advent calendars. I couldn’t find them so I asked a shelf stacker. She showed me to where they were and then said, “but we only have the childrens ones,” and looked at me oddly. Good job she didn’t see me take 4. Now, maybe I’ve missed something here, but is there such thing as chocolate advent calendars for adults? I guess maybe there is an Ann Summers version where you open the door for 24th and there’s a chocolate nob behind it or a pair of boobs or something. If they do exist, Walmart certainly wouldn’t stock them, they don’t even carry CDs with swear words in the lyrics! In fact I don’t even think they sell CDs anymore, but that’s besides the point.

Came home, handed out the amazing advent calendars to my housemates and then made a double burger!!! Awesome!



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