Blood bath!

This morning I went to nofrills to get some milk.
$32 and 3 shopping bags later I came out. Ooops. At least I have plenty of supplies now.

I came home and carried on with the task of post processing my images. I am currently working on the ones I took of the Occupy Toronto march. There’s nearly 200 so it’s taking a while. I haven’t got any to post this minute because I’ve turned my computer off and I’m now writing this on my iPod.
I also gave my work shirt a hand wash as it was starting to get a bit smelly.

At 4pm I headed over to Wolfsong studios again. Tod wanted me to record some drums on two tracks that he had.
I banged them out pretty quickly. He was unable to pay me, but asked if he could give me anything in return. I said he could feed me if he wanted.
“Oh, that’s easy,” he said and went up to the kitchen. The fridge was pretty empty, all he could find was a pan of left overs. We decided that there might actually be something living in it so we gave it a miss.

I travelled back home and Baldo had some extra pasta sauce for me anyway. YUM YUM!
Liza made a brief appearance before going off to get drunk.

I checked on my shirt. It was a good thing that I hadn’t put it in a normal wash because the dye had come out of it!!! It looked like someone had been murdered in our bath.


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